- Who’re you?
- Mickey. Who’re you?
- I’m Mallory.
- You oughta change your name to beautiful.

we're fate. you know? nobody can stop fate. nobody can.

- Past is behind us, Mal. It's time to grow up.
We got the road to hell in front of us. Mal? Will you marry me?
- Of course I'll marry you. I've been waitin' for you to say that for so long.
Well, where are we gonna get married?
- Right here, Mal. This is our church.
- I got the perfect thing.
- Give me your hand.
- That's not what I had in mind. Fuck you! Ow!
- Okay, put 'em together.
- It's very romantic, baby.
- We'll be livin' in all the oceans now.
- God before you and this river and this mountain,
and everything we don't know about.
Mickey, do you take Mallory to be your lawful wedded wife,
to have and hold and treat right until you die? I do.
- Oh, baby.
- Mallory, do you take Mickey to be your... [screams]
I ain't gonna murder anybody on our wedding day.
- Fuck you! God!
I do. For all eternity until you and I die,
and die and die again 'til death do us part. Yes!
- By the power vested in me, as God of my world
I pronounce us husband and wife.

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